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Shadow Frost of Time - Next Gen. Emilia Lovix by RubyGlacierMew Shadow Frost of Time - Next Gen. Emilia Lovix by RubyGlacierMew
:bulletred:Shadow Frost of Time:bulletblack:: A black-tinted, golden frost is released into the path of the target, or targets, slowing their reactions, movements and spells.

Emilia Adana-Marine Fira

Alias: Emi, Emili
Status: Princess of Elusivis
Species: Fairy / Witch (Should she be Human / Fairy / Witch?)
Birthday: 18th August
Age: 16 (Next Gen. Modernix Club Season 1)
Fairy Sign:
Powers: Time (She can control what her mother could, but on a darker level)
Theme Song:
:bulletred: Notorious - The Saturdays
Fairy Pet: Firaga, the Fire Red Dragon
Associated Pixie: Destiny, Pixie of Truth and Belief. Destiny can sense a hidden strength inside Emilia that, when unleashed, will ultimately decide whether she'll be able to earn only witch or fairy transformations from then on, depending on her choice. Destiny is there to help guide Emilia to the right decision for her, and to help her to understand that everything isn't always what she first sees it to be.
Affiliations: Alfea / Next Gen. Modernix Club
:bulletred: Queen Kerilla (Mother - Ex-Guardian Fairy of Time)
:bulletblack: King Laural (Father - Wizard)
:bulletred: Princess Reina (Younger Sister - Fairy of Dream Manipulation)

Favourite Meal: Beefburger with extra tomatoes and Curly Fries
Favourite Colour: Dark Red
Favourite Hobby: WIP
Favourite Pet: A Dragon (Like Firaga)
Ideal Boyfriend: She doesn't have, or want, a boyfriend. At least, not yet anyway...
Best Friend: Midoria
Favourite Movies: Horror / Sci-Fi
Favourite Food: Burgers
Loves: WIP
Hates: WIP
Favourite Music: Rock
Favourite Shoes: Knee-High, Lace-Up Boots
Favourite Subject: Magical Defense / Magical Reality Chamber

P.S. This piece of work commemorates my return to art submission to DeviantArt, seeing as I can use my laptop again (turns out it was a problem with the charger. I have a new charger now, so all is good)! This also means I'll try to get onto the requests and art-trades I have waiting as soon as I feel I have an idea for them!

Emilia's Believix Series:
:bulletred: Believix - [link]
:bulletblack: Sophix - Coming Soon
:bulletyellow: Lovix - YOU ARE HERE


Winx Club does not belong to me, because the Next Gen. Modernix Club (and the Modernix Club, and the Livix Club, and the Luminarix Club, and my other OCs) would be official if it did.

The profile base came from ~MagicaLaFantasia [link]

The background was a repeated, and edited, one, originally created by ~Computerinkt [link]

The base for Emilia was created by*vampiressuckfan1234 [link]

The Next Gen. Modernix Club, Emilia (Fairy / Witch of Time), and this Lovix design belong to me.


:) Smiles all around :)
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