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The Key to True Madness - Essie Enchantix by RubyGlacierMew The Key to True Madness - Essie Enchantix by RubyGlacierMew
:bulletred: She earned Enchantix in an unusual way, different from most other fairies. It was a few weeks before the Christmas holidays for the Alfea fairies. Essie had to go back home urgently due to family matters (I'll explain another time). While at home, she wanted to see how far her powers would stretch without earning her Enchantix. So she tried out loads of different things. Without realizing any possible consequences, of course.

:bulletpurple: When she tried out one thing, it accidentally created a rip in time, which managed to make its way into the Alice: Madness Returns universe. And through the rip came some of the bad enemies from the universe, as well as Alice and the Cheshire Cat. The enemies created havoc on Mouvine, and all Alice could think of was getting rid of the enemies, and for some reason smashing random objects, as though she was trying to find something (If you've played the game, you'll know you need to smash stuff to find health and other things). The Cheshire Cat, meanwhile, didn't do much, except hang around Essie, as though he was trying to tell her something she wasn't listening to.

:bulletblue: While most people on Mouvine tried to get rid of the enemies, and the people in the palace tried to close the rip in time, the Cheshire Cat, and Essie, found Alice and convinced her to stop smashing things and help them restoring Mouvine back to normal. As Essie traveled and helped them, she started to realize that maybe she should have waited until she had Enchantix before she tried anything major with her powers. It then got to a point when nearly every enemy had gone back through the rip or was defeated, except for one or two. Alice and the Cheshire Cat were trapped, along with Essie's parents, and she had to decide who to save first. Essie couldn't decide who it was better to save. Until the Cheshire Cat spoke up and said 'Things aren't what they seem. At least, they aren't because of you...' Essie then knew what to do. She temporarily released her Wonderland powers to save Alice and Cheshire, and then using her less powerful 'powers' over Sky Animals to save her parents. Because she decided to sacrifice her unique powers in order to restore balance, she earned her Enchantix. She got her unique powers back, and restored everything to normal. She also earned a new ability, thanks to Alice, who promised to try and keep in touch, if she could find out how...

(Is it too long?)

NEW (Permanent) Ability: Essie can now use 'Hysteria' mode whenever her energy gets dangerously low, or when someone really angers her.

Do you like Essie's Enchantix? Because I do. I decided to add some black to it, because of the wings designed for her. And I think it works! It shows the fact her powers are stronger than before, and also darker, because she has unlocked more of her Alice: Madness Returns-based powers.


Essie's Transformations:
Magic Winx: [link]
Charmix: Coming Soon
Enchantix: YOU ARE HERE
Believix (Zoomix / Speedix / Tracix): [link]
Sophix: [link]
Lovix: [link]
Believix Series: [link]
Tributix: Coming Soon
(I wonder what other transformations she will get?)


Winx Club does not belong to me, because the Modernix Club, Next Gen. Modernix Club, Livix Club, Luminarix Club and all of my other OCs would be official if it did.

Essie's wings come from ~pixiepearl [link]

The base for Essie comes from ~fantasy-voice [link]

The background comes from =Computerinkt [link]

The textures for her Enchantix mostly come from Google, except for one, which comes from *StarlitNox [link] , and another, which comes from *YuniNaoki [link]

Essie (Fairy of Wonderland), this casual design and this Enchantix design (minus the wings) all belong to me, ~RubyGlacierMew


:) Smiles all around :)
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